A perfect world

The dehesa is the natural habitat of the Iberian pig

A perfect space for the breeding in freedom of these animals that are grazed with care to achieve the excellence of their meat.

Many of the most appreciated properties of the Iberian pig are precisely due to the time they spend feeding and fattening in this singular space, which is perfectly adapted to their needs.

A paradise

Humans create an unrivaled paradise in the Dehesa 

A unique natural environment and ecosystem: extensive open forests of holm oaks and cork oaks, with an undergrowth consisting of pastures and bushes. The economic importance of this territory of undoubted ecological value is based on its use as an appropriate space for raising livestock and for hunting activities.

Outdoor exercise

Contributes to the perfect ratio between fat and meat 

The excellent diet and exercise carried out by the pig, which runs freely through the Dehesa, contributes to the formation of its muscles and to the proportion between fat and meat being appropriate to form the unique and characteristic veining that distinguishes this race. This form of aging is also crucial to achieve the excellent organoleptic quality of its meat.


The MONTANERA, the time of the acorn

The fattening phase in the Dehesas is from October to March. This period is known as “montanera”. During that time, the pig feeds exclusively on acorns and grasses, which are rich in carbohydrates and healthy fats, especially oleic acid which, as has been shown, is very beneficial for health.