Green soul

At DISCARMONTES we are committed to the environment, the pig’s welfare and the conservation of the Dehesa. With all this we get an excellent product, natural and healthy Iberian pork.

Raised in the Dehesa

A Mediterranean ecosystem, naturally feeding and totally freedom for our pigs.

Emotional state

Absence of negative sensations, we eliminate stress or fears from birth, getting a happy animal.

Their Nature

Our pigs are capable of expressing the normal behaviors of their species, something very important for their natural development.


At Discarmontes we reach excellence in all aspects


Honesty in the quality of the product, which is served efficiently and professionally in the agreed times and quantities.


Natural product, maximum and constant quality, packed in the most appropriate way for the catering business.


Our products are certified by ARAPORCEI, which guarantees the quality that Discarmontes offers its customers.

A very different Iberian pork

Naturally raised pigs

A naturally raised pig usually grows more slowly but healthier. The fact that the animal lives free and feeds naturally, allows it’s fat to be distributed more evenly, the meat has the natural fat infiltrated, and this is what makes them have a much more pleasant smell and palatability.

High Quality Iberian Meat

In Spain, European regulations are 100% fulfilled, such as larger spaces and secure transportation, among others. We at Discarmontes comply with these regulations, obtaining a high quality, natural and healthy product.